Hallmark Channel's Winterfest 2019

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We did it. We survived both Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas!

Okayyy— maybe not me. I may or may not still have ::cough:: 17 ::cough:: movies on my DVR from this season. I blame Paris. That’s a good excuse, right? Traveling to Paris during the holidays? (That’s what I’m telling myself at least.) CONGRATS to all of you who made it though! I applaud you! I will join you here in March, once I finally catch up. ::nervous laughter::

But now it’s time for Winterfest, y’all! No rest for the weary. Hallmark was like here’s the last Christmas movie, oh and by the way, here’s the Preview Show for FIVE new movies coming in January. Y’all, I love a good preview show and YOU KNOW I WAS READY FOR THIS. What I was NOT ready for was:

1) Rukiya’s amazing white sweater

2) Ed Marinaro


Please love me through this post where I pre-judge and rank all five movies based solely on their 90 seconds of clips:


#5 - Snowcoming

Premiere Date: January 26th

Starring: Lindy Booth, Trevor Donovan, Ed Marinaro, Joe Thiesmann

Links: Hallmark, IMDb

Summary: Samantha (Lindy Booth) is heading home to celebrate her dad’s (Ed Marinaro) retirement from coaching. Little does she know, but her ol’ high school flame (Trevor Donovan), who also happens to be an NFL quarterback (aren’t they all?), is ALSO attending the festivities and may or may not be staying with them as well. HELLO AWKWARD.

Knee Jerk Thoughts: Lindy Booth! YES. Trevor Donovan! YES. Ed Marinaro!! DOUBLE YES. Football coaches and sports?? Ummm…

Y’all. I’m sorry, but like the lawyer who watches law dramas and complains and the doctors who roll their eyes at shows like ER, I’m the person who judges movies centered around sports. I can’t help it. I’ve been in and around athletics my entire life. My dad was a coach. My sister was a coach. I was an athletic trainer. I get too distracted by the silliness of how sports are portrayed in movies. Blergh.

I’m ready to be proven wrong though EVEN WITH the obvious Team Marshmallow Propaganda I see being blatantly pushed on us.

Have some hot chocolate with your marshmallows.

Have some hot chocolate with your marshmallows.


#4 - A Winter Princess

Premiere Date: January 18th

Starring: Natalie Hall, Chris McNally

Links: Hallmark

Summary: Princess Carlotta (Natalie Hall) is living a secret double life working as Carly at a ski resort that’s about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. While planning 50th anniversary celebration, which doubles as a fundraiser to save the resort, Carly has to pair up with the owner’s brother, Jesse (Chris McNally). What could go wrong?

Knee Jerk Thoughts: When I saw the title, I wasn’t excited at all. I’ve been kinda Normal-Girl-Meets-Prince-and-Becomes-a-Princess-ed out, tbh. But I am super into this set-up of a reverse royalty story— REVERSE SHREK —PLUS it has this guy:

Please let him be haughty.

Please let him be haughty.

Well, hello Mr. Manderson. How You Doin??

Honestly he’s all I need to get me motivated to watch anything.


#3 - Winter Castle

Premiere Date: January 5th

Starring: Emilie Ullerup, Kevin McGarry

Links: Hallmark, IMDb

Summary: Jenny (Emilie Ullerup) is a California girl through and through, but is super excited when her sister decides to have a destination wedding at an ice hotel. Even more exciting is that her sister promises to set her up with the Best Man (Kevin McGarry), a newly widowed single dad to an adorable little girl. Hopes are quickly dashed when Jenny realizes that her “perfect match” Best Man Craig already has a “plus one” and it’s not his daughter.

Knee Jerk Thoughts: Y’all! I’m so here for this ice sculpture hotel setting. I mean, the whole time I’m going to be wondering how people sleep, eat, ::ahem:: use the facilities, while on ice, but everything in the preview looked so beautiful! Also, I’m pretty sure we are ALL going to have this face with Kevin McGarry as a Hot Dad in this movie.

Me too Jenny. Me too.

Me too Jenny. Me too.


#2 - Winter Love Story

Premiere Date: January 19th

Starring: Jen Lilley, Kevin McGarry

Links: Hallmark

Summary: Cassie (Jen Lilley) has just published her first novel, which should be an exciting time for her. Except— she’s not good with the publicity-side of things. In fact, she’s scared to death during her public appearances. Her publisher decides to pair her up with Elliot Somersby (Kevin McGarry), a very popular fantasy writer, on a book tour. Where Cassie avoids reading from her books and giving interviews, Elliot makes it all seem so effortless. As Elliott coaches her throughout the tour, Cassie starts to think there might be something more— until they make a planned stop to visit Elliot’s ex-wife.

Knee Jerk Thoughts: There’s a dog! And ex-wives! And secret reading of books under the covers! I’m SO EXCITED for this one, y’all. I legit laughed out loud during the previews. I love Jen Lilley and love, LOVE when they give her more comedic roles. She’s got great timing, but also brings the vulnerable out too, yanno? She’s amazing and I’m glad we get to see her in another Hallmark movie so soon.

Plus, this guy again…

Can this be the new Yule Log background for 2019? Please, and thank you.

Can this be the new Yule Log background for 2019? Please, and thank you.


#1 - One Winter Proposal

Premiere Date: January 12th

Starring: Taylor Cole, Rukiya Bernard, Jack Turner, Dewshane Williams

Links: Hallmark

Summary: Cara (Taylor Cole) and Ben (Jack Turner) are back at the resort where they first met and fell in love. They’ve invited Megan (Rukiya Bernard), but haven’t told her yet that Doctor Sean (Dewshane Williams) is now the resort’s staff doctor. WHOOPS. Will they get back together? Will the jewelry store receipt that Cara finds be a clue that Ben is about to propose?


Y’ALL. WHAT?! I’m SO excited to see these four again! Their behind-the-scenes videos are adorable and they all look like they had so much fun being back together. I have to admit though, I’m getting Strong Wedding March Vibes during these previews though. I feel like it WON’T be Ben and Cara getting engaged— it’ll be ::ahem:: another couple.


I’m already crying…

I’m already crying…

So there you have it— my Knee Jerk Rankings of the New 2019 Winterfest movies.

What about YOU? What are your thoughts on the 2019 Winterfest movies? Which are YOU most excited to watch?

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