Am I excited about this season’s Christmas movie offerings? YES!

Am I nervous about physically watching all 37 movies on two channels in 63 days? Lololol



I think I made it about 85% of the way last year. I skipped some to yanno, spend time with actual 3-D humans, but I admit I also avoided some of the movies based on their summaries. I only have one regret from this plan from last year, and that regret is titled A Rocky Mountain Christmas featuring one of my Top Five Hallmark Men™, Kristoffer Polaha. I missed it when it first aired, and it wasn’t until this year’s Christmas in July that I did finally catch it. Was it my favorite? Nah. But it did offer up a Kristoffer Polaha in a full Western Suit straight out of the Shepler’s catalog and I will forever regret not live tweeting the moment that came on screen.

This entire suit and hat is 100X. (© Hallmark Channel)

This entire suit and hat is 100X. (© Hallmark Channel)

I will not befall the same fate again this year people, aka I have a plan...

A Hallmark Movie Plan.

This didn’t take long at all.

This didn’t take long at all.

  1. I have created, printed, cut, and stuck 37 stickers into my planner to visually see when each movie is during the next two months. (Psst— you can download the stickers I made for your own use if you are planner-inclined.)

  2. “What if you’re without your planner though?” I can hear that question floating in from the peanut gallery—pfft. I also created an events calendar here on this shiny new blog. I DIDN’T COME TO PLAY KAREN. I’M IN IT TO WIN IT.

  3. What about if you’re tired or out of the country (like I will be for a week in December)? Double pfft— I cleared out all my DVR space, y’all. I now have 50 hours of space ready to be filled with Small Town Holiday Festivals and High School Boyfriends That Reappear and Make You Question Your Life Choices.

  4. I’ve washed my entire stock of leggings and they are ready for the intense workout I’m about to put them through via snacking and couching. Some are holiday themed, some are black. Either way, that elastic waistband is a must.

  5. My husband has made the trek to the dreaded basement to retrieve my beloved PediPocket blanket. Y’all. If you don’t have one of these blankets— GET ONE. It’s made for the Professional Coucher and I have an unhealthy attachment to mine.

The 24-hour movies started yesterday, but our first Original is tonight and I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. What about you? Are you ready??

 Is this your first year attempting #CountdowntoChristmas and #MiraclesofChristmas?

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