Christmas at Pemberley Manor - Review

Confession: I used to be pretty active on the IMDb Message Boards (RIP), particularly on the 1995 Pride & Prejudice threads, and then the 2005 threads once the Keira Knightley/Matthew MacFadden version was announced. I was appalled. I was outraged. How dare they try and redo the Perfection that was Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth?! “I shall conquer this. I shall.” SWOOON. Nothing could compare to that moment and I refused to believe any other adaptation would even come close to the 1995 version. I went to see it in theaters purely as a Hate Watch. Then I saw it again. And again. I might’ve gone eight times while it was in theaters-- HI DARCY HAND FLEX. Because of that experience, I’ve since learned to give all Pride & Prejudice adaptations a chance, no matter how ridiculous the premise.

That being said, I approached Christmas at Pemberley Manor with an open mind, curious at how the iconic pair of Elizabeth and Darcy would be translated into a two-hour made-for-TV movie. While I didn’t get the overall Pride & Prejudice theme, as many of the characters were not reminiscent of their book counterparts, I did have fun trying to pick out all the Pride & Prejudice references throughout the movie. I was also Very Much Here for Michael Rady’s deadpan deliveries. Just give me him getting in and out of helicopters while wearing Power Suits for two more hours, please and thank you.

Of course, I did notice other parts of the movie outside of Darcy. Here are my Top Five Moments from Christmas at Pemberley Manor:


1. George and His Glasses


This is George. He’s the Mayor of Lambton with a cute smile and no power to to anything in the town whatsoever. I audibly gasped when he and his glasses showed up. #TeamGlassesandBeards


2. Kristopher’s Beard


Kristopher’s Beard is amazing and needs its own movie. I couldn’t look at anything else when he was on screen. #TeamGlassesandBeards


3. Jane and Travis


Were Jane and Travis supposed to be Jane and Bingley? Cause Cute and Cuter is what they were. Both so awkward. Both so blond. They too need their own movie. Maybe they can plan a wedding for June Weddings and George can find love in the Summer.


4. Elizabeth’s Solo at the Festival


O Holy Night is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever and Jessica Lowndes just nailed it ::ahem:: A CAPELLA. HELLO.

Bonus— Jessica tweeted that the song is available on iTunes with all proceeds going to MS Society.


5. The Kiss (Duh.)


What’s there to say here? It was Perfection. The framing, the lights, the snow, the double-hand wrap around by both of them? PERFECTION.


BONUS - Would These Two Stay Together?

Totally and 100%. It is here that I think they would most resemble their book counterparts and that Elizabeth would bring so much energy into Darcy’s life and he in turn would indulge her every whim. ::sigh:: At least I hope that’s what would happen.

What do you think?? Do you think they’d live happily ever after?


Rating: ★★ I’d watch this again. It was a great way to kick-off the season, despite its lack of pride & Prejudice-ness.


★★★★ - I would protect this on my DVR.

★★★ - I would DVR this.

★★ - I’d watch this again.

★ - One and done for me, thanks.

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You will like this movie if you are into:

You won’t like this movie if aren’t into:

  • Random Pride & Prejudice References

  • Super Cute Mayors Who Are Nice and Don’t Find Love (#TeamSequelforGeorge)

  • People Other than Santa Reading The Night Before Christmas

  • Elaine Hendrix (and her amazing eyebrows) from Parent Trap

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