Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies Planner Stickers

It’s here! Countdown to Christmas is HERE! And of course, Miracles of Christmas is here too, but saying both is a mouthful. We need a combined name for both-- like a couple name-- Countdown to Miracles? Chrismiracles Countdown? MiracleMas? I’m going with #MiracleMas!

Either way, it’s 37 movies in 63 days on two channels. PHEW. I’m already tired. How are we going to keep up with all of them and their premiere dates?


Both channels have been amazing in offering handy programming guides to download, but for me, I need more. I need to see them visually, along with any other plans I have during the next two months. I need to know when I need to set the DVR, y’all. #Priorities

Now, I could have just written them all down in my planner but a) I hate my handwriting and b) I’m a huge Planner Nerd and a sucker for stickers. So I made my own and now I’m delighted to share them with you all, if you are so inclined.

Just click on the image to download. Then print, cut, stick, and enjoy!

These are for personal use only please. Be sure to tag me or use the hashtag #MiracleMasStickers so I can see your amazing planners!


Updated as of November 15, 2018