hello. here's half my head.

Let's Get Social, y'all.

Hi, I'm Lisa.


I started Girl Gone Hallmark because I'm obsessed with all things Hallmark and pretty much spend my weekends with the Hallmark Channel on, even if it's just background noise. Something about their movies is like cozying up in a fuzzy blanket with a warm mug of tea. This blog is a place to discuss all their movies, shows, and blossoming publishing arm-- along with anything else that comes along. 


The Name

Girl Gone Hallmark. I used to watch all types of television shows and movies. And then I came across the Hallmark Channel. It started out innocently enough. A Christmas movie here. A Hallmark Hall of Fame showing there. Next thing I knew, I was mainlining Saturday movie marathons and entering new release dates in my planner. If loving Hallmark is wrong, I don't want to be right.


About Me

I'm a born and bred Texas girl living her best New England life after transplanting to Connecticut four years ago. I'm now a Master Snow Shoveler and own more blankets and robes than I ever thought possible. In short, seasons are awesome and I'm pretty glad to be here

I spent over twenty years working in sports and while I loved it, the hours were a beating and I needed a change. Now, I'm a full-time graphic designer working a heavenly 9-5 schedule and can tuck my kids into bed every night. And then turn on Hallmark. Duh.